Working with Static Site Generators

A full book from O'Reilly devoted to building static sites.

I’ve talked a lot about static sites. I’ve written a lot about static sites. I’m obviously a huge fan of static sites. So is my good friend Raymond Camden. So, we decided (quite some time ago) to join forces and write a book about static sites. I’d already written a free report on static site generators for O’Reilly, so we proposed a full book. The book, creatively called “Working with Static Site Generators” is complete, though still awaiting final edits. However, you can already purchase and download it as an early release ebook.

The final, print version of the book should be available very soon, but, as I said, it is fully written, so feel free to grab an early copy if you like. If you have any comments on it, please feel free to share (especially since any edits can still make it into the final version).