Working the Writing Muscle

Ignore it and you lose it!

Writing is tough. Even for someone who has enjoyed writing his whole life (like me), it can be difficult. Even worse, the less you do it the harder it gets. Just like an excercise routine, the best way to make it easier is just to keep doing it. Not using it, you risk losing it.

As you can see, however, my writing - on this blog in particular - has waned. However, I’m hoping to change that by writing something, ever day of the work week. It may be tech or code related - it may not be. Just write.

Losing Your Love of Writing

I’ve always loved writing. In college, I took a number of creative writing courses and enjoyed writing short stories or even, occassionally, poetry. After I finished school, however, I rarely wrote until I decided to write an article for the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal some 12+ years ago.

In January of 2005, I started this blog (though that content no longer exists anymore). Here it is from 2005, in all it’s glory!

The thing is, back then, I didn’t care that anyone was reading the blog. In fact, I started it under the assumption that no one was, in fact, reading it. It was a place for me to write and enjoy writing. It wasn’t until I showed up at a ColdFusion conference in 2006 that I learned that people actually read it…and even knew who I was.

That was great. However, when you start writing for other people, you lose something. That something is perhaps the joy of writing without an ego. Of not being afraid to put yourself out there, to risk your reputation and share openly - if only because you don’t realize anyone is paying attention.

Eventually, you start thinking how a post will play before writing it. Or how much traffic it might get. Or who might attack you in the comments. And, at least for me, this eats away at your love of writing…it becomes a chore.

Finding a Voice Again

I’m hoping that simply forcing myself to write, and do so in a way more similar to how I started - without care of whether anyone reads it at all - will help me find my love of writing again. So, here goes.