Twitter Tries to Rein in Abuse

Let's hope this works.

Twitter has apparently finally laid out a real plan to combat abuse on its site. It’s been a long time coming. (Rumor was that rampant abuse even scuttled the potential Disney buyout.)

One of the interesting aspects of this is that Twitter claims that they will somehow work to prevent serial abusers from simply opening a new account with a different email. They were vague on the details of how they intend to prevent this (I suspect that they will need to remain vague so as not to make it that much easier to bypass).

I’ve been fortunate in that I have not ever been the target of abuse on social media. I assume that this is partly because I am not a particularly high profile individual and also not a woman. However, the tone of social media has taken a toll on me nonetheless. I truly wish Twitter success in their efforts on this.