The Constant Stream of Tech Layoffs

This industry can be brutal.

The word today is that Microsoft is laying off about 700 people next week. Last week, my employer laid off about 450. (Of course, on a percentage basis, our layoff was significantly bigger than Microsoft’s upcoming one as it was about 20% of the company.)

Those of who work in the tech industry are often very fortunate. We are generally paid well and have good benefits. Many, like me, have lots of flexibility in their jobs.

That being said, this industry can be brutal in its own way. Having worked in tech for about 20 years now, I have been through numerous companies that no longer exist, too many reorgs and restructuring, and too many layoffs. I’ve been on both sides of these. It can be a damaging experience, obviously for those who are laid off, but even for those who are not.

It’s also something that I cannot get used to. I wish that I had some words of wisdom or guidance on how to survive layoffs - whether you remain or leave - but I do not. Each one has been terrible in a unique way.