Want to Speak at Conferences in 2019? I'll Help Review Your CFP Submissions

Need some help with your session abstract for a conference call for papers? I'm here to assist.

I consider myself a decent speaker. I’ve had my better moments (and ones I’d rather forget), but I wouldn’t call public speaking one of my natural strengths (it’s one I continually work at). What I am pretty good at, though, is writing sessions abstracts and submissions for conference call for papers.

Writing a good CFP submission can be difficult, even for many seasoned speakers. What I always recommend is that you have another set of eyes review your submission before you send it - but you may not have someone readily available who has experience writing and reviewing CFPs. That is why, as a service to the community, whether you are a potential first-time speaker or a seasoned veteran, I am making myself available to review your CFP submission.

Before you entrust a stranger with feedback on your hard work, let me share some of my qualifications:

  • I have been a speaker at over 60 conferences and events starting back in 2007.
  • I have served on the conference committee for major conferences such as O’Reilly’s Fluent and QCon New York.
  • I have run (both independently and for my job) over a dozen conferences since 2007.

If you’d like to have me review your CFP, I’ve opened my dm’s on Twitter (@remotesynth). Reach out to me there. My only ask of you is that you give me a day or two to review and respond (I can’t guarantee that I’ll be available for last minute, time sensitive reviews). So, if you have never been a speaker and want some help or you have been a speaker but need another set of eyes on your CFP submission, I’d love to help.