Why I am Excited to Join Stackbit!

Excited to share my new role as a Developer Advocate at Stackbit!

I have been passionate about what we now call the JAMStack since about 2014 - back then it was more like the MStack to be honest. I started out building sites with Jekyll and then Hugo and then tried out a long list of other similar tools. The benefits for sites were obvious - faster and more secure pages being the biggest.

Developers have, by and large, also bought into these technologies. Tools like Netlify have eased the burden of building and deploying them, plus added a ton of missing features (like forms and serverless functions). Developers are also comfortable doing things like working on the command line, editing data files in formats in things like YAML or JSON or working with Markdown. Everyone else…not so much!

What’s been missing in the JAMStack ecosystem are the tools that make it easy to give our content creators, editors and other non-technical users an environment they feel comfortable in to create and edit content on a JAMStack site. That means connecting the site with data sources like a headless CMS and then making the process of editing and updating the site transparent for anyone who doesn’t necessarily understand the complexities of how the site is built and deployed.

What excites me about Stackbit is that they are working on briding those missing pieces in the ecosystem. Already they have a system that makes it easy to build and deploy sites connected to a variety of content sources (Contentful, Sanity, Forestry, or even Netlify CMS). The tooling Stackbit are working on will help bring the JAMStack ecosystem to a place where editing a site feels as easy as, for example, working in Wordpress, but with all the added benefits the JAMStack offers.

That’s why I am excited to share that I am joining Stackbit as their developer advocate helping to share what Stackbit can do for developers and bring your feedback back to them. If you have tried Stackbit or would like to give it a try (it’s free afterall) and want to share your experience with me, please feel free to reach out.