Get Started with Static Site Generators

A free report on static site development from O'Reilly.

In the early days of the web, there was no such category as “static sites” - the web was made up of static resources. This was a maintainable solution when the web was simple. That didn’t last long.

Static sites had enormous limitations that made them an impractical solution for most web sites - even the relatively simple ones.

More recently, however, a combination of asynchronous content, third-party services and new tools, called static site generators, have made the old skool static site both feasible and cool again. Tools like Jekyll are used to run thousands of sites across the web (including this one…though it admittedly deserves more love).

But what are static site genertors? Which one of the 400 or so of them should you consider using? What types of sites are they most suitable for?

These are some of the questions I aim to answer in a free report on static site generators for O’Reilly Media. I know what you are thinking - “Awesome, just in time for the weekend!” You’re right! Did I mention it is free? Also, I should note that it is free.

Hopefully this report will answer any questions you may have about static site generators and help you get started in choosing one.

Static Site Generators - Modern Tools for Static Website Development

Static Site Generators - Modern Tools for Static Website Development