Developing JavaScript in 2017 (Recording)

Watch Ray and TJ talk ES6/7 and TypeScript

The other week I held the first event under the banner of Certified Fresh Events. The event focused on JavaScript and the way the language and JavaScript development are changing. Raymond Camden first tried to make sense of all the new language features in ES6 and ES7. Next TJ VanToll explained what caused him to get over his initial skepticism of TypeScript.

What I felt was the most entertaining part of the event was how both speakers shared their personal stories of learning (and even openly admitted to screwing up). I think this helps make the technology more relatable and less intimidating - I can learn specifics from a tutorial or post, but when I see a speaker I want to learn about their experiences more than just how tos.

Anyway, if you missed the event, you can still watch it for free via the embedded Crowdcast on the event’s page. This is the best experience to watch the recording as it still includes the chat and poll history as well as the full speaker video (as opposed to just slides). However, if you prefer, these are both available on YouTube (Ray’s is here and TJ’s is here), though these primarily display the slides with audio (for some reason the speaker video is largely cut off).

If you like this session, be sure to sign up for my other upcoming events like Exploring JavaScript Frameworks with Holly Shinsky presenting Vue.js and Jen Looper presenting Preact. Or Going Serverless with Burke Holland and James Thomas discussing what a “serverless” architecture means in the real world.