The Slow Decline of Email

You hate it but you can't get rid of it yet.

Walt Mossberg has an interesting post about the way email is changing. From once dominating electronic communication, it is now becoming more like traditional mail, in that it’s most junk and marketing with the occassional official communications mixed in with a newsletter subscription or two. It’s not just generally unpleasant, but it’s also the easiest route for scammers.

By and large, email is now a generally unpleasant, often untrustworthy, and sometimes literally perilous experience that deserves less and less of our time and attention. But it’s not dead, and I don’t expect it to disappear anytime soon. Just be wary of it.

Rather than die, email is now supplemented with Slack, Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, etc. However, none of these things has replaced email, so we’re stuck, for the moment, with a multitude of communication channels.