The Current State of Development

Mapping the hype cycle of development technologies

Yvo Schaap has created an interesting new tool he’s called State.Of.Dev. The idea behind the tool is that it maps out the state of various web, mobile and general development technologies and languages on something like the Gartner Hype Cycle. Yvo explains the basics behind the idea in an article on

This is an interesting idea with the caveat that right now, as the article states, the charts are based solely upon Yvo’s own opinions and expertise. For example, here is the chart for the current state of web standards.

My own view may be that many of the items on that chart are a little further along in the cycle than I’d expect. PWA, for example, seems to be not yet at full “peak expectation.” It’s so early in its life that I’d probably put it just over the start of peak expectation. Heck, at this point, it’s hype exceeds its ability in that it is still a Google/Android thing with no iOS support in sight.

Which gets at another weakness of the project so far, and that is clear definitions of the various stages. For instance, Gartner gives a basic definition of each hype cycle and how their methodology works. Even accounting for this currently only representing one person’s opinion, it doesn’t make it clear how he defined each segment of the cycle or how each item was evaluated.

Despite my criticism here, I want to make clear that I think this is a potentially worthwhile idea - and Yvo himself made it clear that this is a very early version and will evolve. Hopefully as it evolves, it addresses some of these concerns, and I am hopeful that it will.