Best Songs of 2017 So Far

My favorite music from the first quarter of the year.

2017 is already more the 25% gone and if ever there was a year in need of some good music to help soothe your mind (or even channel your rage), it’s this year. So, here are my favorite songs of the year so far.

New in 2017

Feel It Still - Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man has been around for a while apparently, but this song is my first introdution to them - and it’s fantastic!

Pure Luck - Ninajirachi (feat. Freya Staer)

This is such a quirky little song that I can’t stop listening to from an artist that appears to be quite new.

Something - A O S O O N

This song actually came out at the very end of 2016, but seems to be flying completely under the radar - which is a shame, it’s a really great song.

New To Me in 2017

Deeper - AT/ALL

AT/ALL are an experimental electronic band from Melbourne, Australia. I caught this song (which came out in August 2016) on WPRK (i.e. the Rollins College station) and it has shades of Cocteau Twins (who I love) but more electronic. If you’re curious about them, their album appears to only be available through BandCamp.

Drive - Britta Phillips

Another one I heard on WPRK first…this is a remake of the classic song by The Cars. I’m not a fan of remakes that simply tread the same ground However, this version has a very different take, making the song very ethereal.

That’s it for now…if you have any recommendations for songs, please send them my way!