The Best Features in ECMAScript 6?

I interview Axel Rauschmayer at QCon NY.

Recently I had the chance to attend QCon NY. Actually, I was fortunate enough to be on the programming committee and to lead a track there. My track was called “Beyond JavaScript” and one of my featured speakers was Dr. Axel Rauchsmayer speaking on ECMAScript 6 (i.e. the next version of JavaScript). I was very excited that Axel was able to attend all the way from Munich, as he is well known expert on ES6 (and author of the new book “Speaking JavaScript”).

During my time at the conference I was able to interview Axel. We mostly discussed the process whereby new features are added to the ES6 spec, using JavaScript for enterprise development and which features Axel is most excited about in ES6.

So what two features did Axel choose as his favorites in ES6? I think you may be surprised, but you’ll have to watch or read the interview on InfoQ to find out.