Top 10 Developer Posts of 2016

Shout-outs to some great content over the past year!

I read a lot! Part of this is the nature of my job as, essentially, the Editor in Chief of the Telerik Developer Network and even as co-editor of Mobile Web Weekly. But I also love to read and read a lot of technical articles for developers as part of my daily routine.

In taking a look back at this year, I wanted to recognize what I thought were some of the absolute best blog posts and articles written for developers this year. (And, of course, I am biased, so some TDN articles will make it in.)

P.S. These are in no particular order (actually, that’s not true…they’re basically in reverse chronological order…but not in order or favoritism).

Dear JavaScript, by James Kyle

Down with the tool fetish by PPK

Oh shit, git! by Katie Sylor-Miller

Five tips for improving your technical writing and documentation. by Tracy Osborn

How to Successfully Contribute to Large Open Source Projects by TJ VanToll

Where The Web Is Going In 2016 by Jared Faris

To Write Better Code, Read Virginia Woolf by J. Bradford Hipps

The Uncanny Valley is Uncanny by Nicholas Bowman

Looking at JavaScript with “new” eyes: Digging into the specs to learn more about the new operator by Leo Balter

Common Misconceptions About Inheritance in JavaScript by Eric Elliott