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Posted on Jan 11, 2013

As some of my readers know, every other week I cohost an Internet radio show with my friend Bob Silverberg where we pick our favorite newly released songs. The show is called Vitamin Sweet and airs on CodeBass Radio (you can listen to CBR live here). It turns out that finding enough new releases to fill a 90 minute show is a lot of work and I listen to a lot of music to come up with between 7 and 10 picks each week. I think this puts me in a unique position to pick my favorite songs of the year as these were chosen from the hundreds, if not thousands, of songs I listened to in 2012 in preparation for the show.

If you are curious to hear these songs, well, Bob and I are airing our Best of 2012 show today (1/11) at 10am Eastern. You'll be able to hear all my picks along with Bob's top 10. Hope you listen!

10. You Make Me Feel Good - Satin Jackets
I fought hard to find this song. I heard it via SoundCloud but it was available for free to only 24 hours (I'd missed it by just hours). I finally was able to find it available - and thank goodness as this song is awesome. It's somewhere between dance and trance, it's chill but upbeat, and I can listen to it over and over.

9. Losing You - Solange - True
I was never previously a fan of Solange, but her True EP is outstanding, with every song being a winner. Losing You was the first single off the album and it gives you a good sense of the album as a whole, which has a great retro-soul feel. It's an incredible song and, yet, I'm not even sure it is the best song off the album.

8. Warrior - Kimbra - Vows
What was the best song in 2012 featuring Kimbra? No, it wasn't by Gotye, but instead was, of all things, a bonus track off her excellent Vows album. Sure, this song isn't really representative of Kimbra's sound, being much more mainstream pop than the rest of the album in general, but it's fun and catchy.

7. Never Mess with Sunday - Yppah - Eighty One
Yppah's album Eighty One is outstanding but this song is the best song off the album. As with the Satin Jackets song earlier, I love songs that manage to make you feel like chilling out without being depressing. This song just makes you feel good when you listen to it.

6. Born To - Jesca Hoop - The House That Jack Built
Another great song of an  (albeit quirky) album I highly recommend. This song is full of self-affirming energy and I dare you not to end up singing along with the chorus (and then repeating the song and doing it again).

5. Sex - The 1975 - Sex
I loved this EP by the 1975. While this song has a bit of a different feel from the rest of the EP it is my favorite, by far. Like Jesca Hoop's song, this is a high energy. When I run, I love running to this song.

4. Like a Renegade - Juiceboxxx - I Don't Want to Go Into the Darkness
Do you love old skool Beastie Boys circa Licensed to Ill as much as I do? Then go buy Juiceboxxx's album. This song sound like it came straight off that Beastie's classic, and that should be considered a huge compliment.

3. How to Love - School of Seven Bells - How to Love
How much do I love School of Seven Bells? I probably picked them more than any other single artist throughout the year. Of course it helps that they are seriously prolific, seemingly releasing a new single, EP or album every other week. Not that I am complaining, as every one has been awesome and it was tough picking my favorite. I almost chose Put Your Sad Down off the EP of the same name, but landed on this song which, like some of my other choices, isn't representative of the band's music generally, as it is a love song - but the melody is incredible and the song is amazing.

2. Wildest Moments - Jessie Ware - Devotion
Clearly I had a thing about love songs this year, but this is one of the best love songs I have ever heard and by far the best of the year. It is deeply romantic and I know anyone who has ever been in love can relate to the lyrics. Plus Jessie Ware's voice is amazing. If this was the only good song on her album, it would be worth the price - but it isn't. Get this album.

1. Fifteen - The GoldRoom - Fifteen
There was never any coubt when I started choosing songs for the best of show which song was my number one. I probably listened to this song hundreds of times since I first heard it this summer. You can be forgiven for getting lost in the airy, gorgeous vocals or the retro keyboards or the sweet melody or the tender lyrics...ok, I need to stop writing and listen to this song again. It's that damn good!

Let me know what you think of any of my picks - I'd love feedback. Also, please listen to Vitamin Sweet today at 10am EST and every other week at the same time to keep up with all the great new music being released throughout the year.


Nikki That is quite a track list but I can tell you right now we listen to very different music and that's all good i like to learn what other people think is the best to give myself a little culture if you will.

Posted By Nikki / Posted on 01/15/2013 at 1:28 AM

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