Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 9/19/2011

Posted on Sep 19, 2011

Over 30 tutorials, sample applications and more this week. MAX being just around the corner, many of Adobe's evangelists and other community members are posting lead up material and examples. I particularly want to highlight the many tutorials from Andrew Trice this week including how to publish your application from Flash Builder to the Android Market, iOS App Store, Amazon App Store and Nook Store.

Cool Mobile & Devices Stuff (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Television)

Adobe's Christian Cantrell discusses a new feature in AIR 3 that allows native text inputs with StageText. This allows your text fields to make use of native features like auto-correct and customized soft keyboards. He notes some complexity in usage and supplies source for a wrapper to help simplify adding StageText to your Flash project.

Antonio Holguin continues his pre-MAX tutorial series on Flash Pro CS5.5 mobile development workflow. Part 2 focuses on using the accelerometer and debugging while part 3 covers using multiTouch and gestures for object manipulation. Both tutorials include a sample project with source.

Adobe evangelist Greg Wilson offers his tips, issues and workaround from his experiences with the Flash geolocation API including a possible bug on iOS.

Adobe evangelist Renaun Erickson posts about how to use Flash Builder's mobile workflow with Flash Professional projects whereby Flash Professional handles compiling your SWF but Flash Builder handles the packaging for multiple devices.


Adobe evangelist Andrew Trice posted a whole series about Flex/AIR on Devices including a number focused on getting your application ready for and distributed to the various Android related markets. First he discusses preparing your application for distribution to the Android ecosystem. Next he demonstrates how to distribute your app using Flash Builder to the Google Android Market. Next he covers getting your application from Flash Builder into the Amazon App Store. Finally, at least related to Android, he shows how to publish your application from Flash Builder to the Nook Store


This past week featured the release of Machinarium for iPad 2 as well as it being a featured app in the Apple App Store and its subsequent rise in the sales charts (well deserved). This was a big story for AIR as that application was built with Flash and published to iOS using AIR. Adobe evangelist Tom Krcha discusses Machinarium and interviews the game's designer and director, Jakub Dvorsky.

Another piece of Adobe evangelist Andrew Trice's series about Flex/AIR on Devices focused on how to publish, debug and distribute your app from Flash Builder to iOS and the Apple App Store.

Jamie McDaniel shows how, by supplying both the properly named iOS images and the splash page images within Flex (also properly resized), you can get a splash screen that appears faster for AIR on iOS.

Adobe evangelist Mark Doherty offers a video preview of his AIR 3 MapView native extension on iOS.

Cool Flex, Flash Builder & Catalyst Stuff

Mansour Raad shows a way of automating the process of adding and removing event listeners for each added and removed skin part by using introspective event handling within a Flex SkinnableComponent.

Rich Tretola announces a project by his colleague Ken Hill that is an open source JMeter-AMF load test plugin designed to overcome duplicate session errors when load testing Flex applications using BlazeDS with JMeter.

Adobe's Justin Lazaro shares a workaround for Flash Builder and Zend installation problems on Windows 7 64-bit editions.

Drew Shefman shares his prep work for his 360MAX Unconference session with a sample project, including source, that demonstrates precision focus control within the Flex Spark DataGrid.

Arcadio Carballares Martin shares sample code for an OrderTabBar which is essentially a TabBar with sortable buttons.

Adobe's Masa Kohari goes into detail about globalization of your Flex application via formatting with alternate calendars.

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

If you are a fan of Machinarium (see earlier in the post), Jens Loeffler notes that you may enjoy a new fascinating Flash adventure game animated using clay and cardboard called The Dream Machine

Adobe evangelist Michael Chaize interviews Jean-Marc Le Roux, CEO of Aerys, whose company is developing Minko, an open-source 3D framework on top of the Stage 3D API.

Roland Zwaga introduces AS3Commons-Bytecode version 1.0 which, as Christophe Herreman explains includes aspect oriented programming (AOP) support.

Lisa Larson-Kelley discusses all the new features in Flash Media Server 4.5 including, of course, HTTP-streaming to iOS.

Adobe's Cathi Kwon announces OSMF and Strobe Media Playback 1.6 including new features for mobile support such as Stage Video support.

Paul Taylor released tinytlf 2.0 beta which is a lightweight text layout framework for ActionScript. He says that version 2.0 includes extensive changes intended to make the framework more extensible and improve rendering.

Emanuele Feronato introduces b2Separator, a Box2d class written by Antoan Angelov to assist in creating non-convex, complex shapes with Box2D by automatically separating a non-convex shape into smaller convex shapes.

Lars Gerckens demonstrates the TextureRenderer from his 2D gaming framework for Flash 11 and Stage3D which is useful for handling ND2D post-processing effects.

Douglas Reynolds shares several examples of how to trim leading and trailing 0's from a string in ActionScript.

Cool ColdFusion Stuff

Dominic Watson released his cfStatic framework intended to help you manage your CSS and JavaScript across a complex site.

Adobe evangelist Raymond Camden demonstrates how to use the new Google+ API with ColdFusion even though, at the moment, there are only a few methods available in the API.


Mike G - Lime Rocket Thanks for the round up!

If any Flash/Flex developers don't drink coffee, now is probably a good time to start ;) There is already so much cool new content out there to consume and we haven't even got to MAX yet. Will this be the best MAX ever? Feels like it...

Posted By Mike G - Lime Rocket / Posted on 09/19/2011 at 7:59 AM

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