Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 6/14/11

Posted on Jun 14, 2011

Some really outstanding community posts this week including a set of benchmarks comparing HTML5 and Flash performance on mobile devices, tutorials on adding alerts and popups to your Flex mobile applications, a new release of the popular Swiz Flex framework, an interesting use of the MixingLoom project for runtime code injection in Flash and a cyclomatic code complexity testing tool for CFML projects. Read on for details!

Cool Mobile & Devices Stuff (AIR for Android, AIR on TV, Flash on Android, iPhone etc)

If you are ever stuck having to refute the naysayers who say Flash doesn't work (or work well) on mobile devices then you'll want to keep Sean Christmann's GUIMark 3 Mobile Showdown link handy. He takes an even-handed approach to a number of benchmarks and finds Flash excelling in many areas.

Adobe's Jason San Jose shows how to handle using bitmaps in Flex mobile projects by utilizing the built-in capabilities in Flex 4.5 to swap images automatically based upon the runtimeDPI.

As usual, Holly Schinsky had several outstanding posts this week. In the first, she addresses a common question regarding Flex 4.5, which is how to create an Alert and skinnable PopUps in Flex mobile including the source code. Next she shows how to modify your Flex mobile project to display the TabbedViewNavigator tabs on top rather than the default. Finally, she announces the availability of some new mobile samples in Tour de Flex.

Adobe evangelist Terrence Ryan shows a quick and dirty Flex mobile skinning example where he skins a button based upon his design comp.

Dan Florio shows how he overrides the back key press Flex mobile so as to supply a different transition for popView() than the default.

Travis Collins shares a video demonstrating his implementation of a DisplayObject List for Flex mobile to display dynamic data-driven content and images within a List object.

Marcos Placona shows how to get started using SQLite databases within your mobile applications whereby your application is using a prebuilt database rather than generating a new one.

Adobe evangelist Mike Jones is starting a series of posts covering developing games For multiple devices that will discuss his experiences porting a game to multiple Android, Blackberry Tablet OS and iOS devices.


Adobe evangelist Tom Krcha shows you how to manage compiling big Flash/AIR projects with lot of SWFs for iOS whereby AIR for iOS cannot dynamically load swf's but can load swc's.

Adobe evangelist Greg Wilson posts a video interview with Adobe's Scott Petersen who is one of the developers behind the iOS packaging and discusses some aspects of how this was achieved.

Adobe evangelist Lee Brimelow notes that one of the games featured recently in the iOS App Store was a Flex-based word game called Pyramix.

Cool Flex, Flash Builder & Catalyst Stuff

A new version 1.2 of the popular Swiz Flex framework is now available including additional support for the view mediator pattern.

Adobe's Anirudh Sasikumar discusses some small changes you can make for faster Flex compilation with Flash Builder 4.5.

Chris Griffith shows how to use roundtripping between Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst to create a smart back button in Catayst that navigates back to the prior state/screen.

The PureMVC framework teak shares a project build with Flex and PureMVC that is a DNA Vector Editor built by a team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory as a DNA sequence editing and analysis tool.

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

The Mixing Loom project recently released by Michael Labriola and James Ward led this blogger to write a tutorial on how he injected profiler code to measure the speed of execution of particular functions in Flash at runtime.

Emanuele Feronato shows you how to slice, split and cut objects with Box2D.

Dan Florio iterates on the Tron clock idea by Jim Armstrong by creating a 3D clock using Away3D including source code.

Barbara Kaskosz, Doug Ensley and Dan Gries created an AS3 MarbleTexture class that can apply a marble texture to any display object. Source code is included as usual.

Paul Taylor delves into the breakOpportunity property of the ElementFormat class within the Flash Text Engine (FTE) and how it gives you control over line breaks without adding control characters to the text.

A new version of the Open-Source Media framework, OSMF 1.6 Sprint 5, was released including support for multiple audio tracks for HTTP dynamic streaming.

Cool ColdFusion Stuff

Nathan Strutz released an interesting ColdFusion project that is a cyclomatic complexity measuring tool for CFML projects that is essentially a heat map indicating portions of your code that are more or less complex (and thereby likely to break).

Andy Matthews released a ColdFusion wrapper for the Klout social media influence API.


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