Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 5/9/11

Posted on May 09, 2011

Between FITC in Toronto last week and the official release of Flash Builder 4.5, Flex 4.5 SDK and Flash Catalyst CS5.5, this was unsurprisingly an incredibly busy week of great content. You can start with Deepa Subramaniam announcing the availability of Flex 4.5 SDK, Flash Builder 4.5 and Flash Catalyst CS 5.5 on the Flex Team blog, which includes lots of links to getting started material on the ADC but be sure to check out the many superb tutorials and demos from the community as well (there are over 30 listed below).

Cool Mobile & Devices Stuff (AIR for Android, AIR on TV, Flash on Android, iPhone etc)

Adobe's Thibault Imbert demoed the Molehill 3D API's on mobile devices at FITC last week and, for those of us who couldn't attend, demos Molehill running within AIR on an Android tablet.

The new Flash Builder for PHP includes both Flash Builder 4.5 with Zend Studio 8.1. Adobe evangelist Mihai Corlan shares a video tutorial for creating mobile applications using Flex and PHP built with Flash Builder for PHP.

Adobe's Adam Lehman announces that a popular Flex framework Swiz 1.1 was released which includes support for Flex 4.5 for mobile development as well as new metadata code completion.

Adobe evangelist Renaun Erickson explains and offers a video on how to setup a project in Flash Builder 4.5 to package arbitrary SWFs for Android, iOS, and PlayBook without recompiling.

Nahuel Foronda continues his series on creating mobile ItemRenderers in ActionScript. In part 2 he discusses how to apply drop shadows to text using a second TextField. In part 3 he creates the dropshadow using a filter instead of another TextField.

Holly Schinsky shows how to use the new ViewMenu component for Flex mobile development, which allows you to create custom menus when the hardware menu button is pressed.

Peter Elst created a couple of good tutorials this week. The first shows how you can define a custom view transition on Flex mobile applications. The second demonstrates how to add a splash screen to your Flex mobile application.

Adobe evangelist Duane Nickull shares a color picker for Flex mobile applications including source that you can add to your mobile project. It includes red, green and blue color sliders to allow you to mix the color of your choice and returns that color as Hex.

Adobe's Joan Lafferty discuss how to fix a horizontal scrolling issue on a mobile List component whereby the "bounce" effect is still in place for vertical scrolling.

John Gorena shows his approach to handling multiple form fields in Flex for mobile in which he listens for the enter key being pressed and moves to the next form item.


Alessandro Pace posts some tips on packaging your AIR application for the Amazon Appstore.

Daniel Demmel notes that in Gingerbread Google reskinned much of Android. Therefore, he shows how to reskin the ViewMenu and ViewMenuItems components in Flex to look like Gingerbread.


Adobe's Jason San Jose notes that while Flex 4.5 requires AIR 2.6, the Playbook launched initially with only AIR 2.5. Thus he shows an unsupported manner to use Flex 4.5 with AIR 2.5 on the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Cool Flex, Flash Builder & Catalyst Stuff

Adobe evangelist Greg Wilson announces that has been updated with a new look and new features. It includes lots of links to tutorials and introductory content and you can subscribe via RSS.

Alwyn (full name not provided) discusses how Flash Builder 4.5 includes more than just new mobile features. He shares his favorite features for coders including metadata code hinting and templates.

Paul Robertson posted a couple of useful tips about Flash Builder this week. The first shows how to use a custom FlexUnit SDK in Flash Builder 4.5 using a new feature that lets you specify an alternate FlexUnit SDK. The second post covers how to take advantage of the "quick fix" features in Flash Builder 4.5 for external classes and interfaces.

Adobe's Darrell Loverin posted a number of useful code tips with code samples attached related to the Spark DataGrid that is a part of the Flex 4.5 SDK. The first shows how to use Spark DataGrid item editors. The next shows how to create cell editors for multiple data fields. The third covers how to use Validators with spark cell editors. Finally, he shows editing a cell that isn't selected and using DateField and the ColorPicker as cell editors.

Adobe's Hans Muller also discusses the new Spark DataGrid in Flex 4.5 SDK and shows a basic DataGrid example with source.

Nick Schneble shows how to add more than just a close button to the title bar by adding additional buttons to a Flex TitleWindow.

Chris Griffith covers how to use constraint-based layouts in Flash Catalyst CS5.5 to allow your components to properly adjust when the window is resized.

Cool ActionScript/Flash Stuff

Adobe's Charles Bihis shares an ActionScript library for displaying the relative time that you commonly see in today's applications (i.e. "one hour from now" or "ten minutes ago").

Emanuele Feronato posts an extensive tutorial with source code demonstrating how build a complete Flash Tetris game. He also shows how to create a Flash physics game using QuickB2 which is a game engine that abstracts Box2D.

Krasimir Tsonev demonstrates how to get a dynamic text field to curve on an arcing path using ActionScript.

Petri Leskinen continues his posts on Pixel Bender with one demonstrating a complex circle pattern including source code.

Jake at Hook returns to his Adobe Alchemy series after a break with part 6 in his series that includes the release of the Ogg Vorbis library's C source code.

Cool ColdFusion Stuff

Sam Farmer uses some of the new features for extension in the just released ColdFusion Builder 2 to create a scribble pad for ColdFusion Builder called Codey that he is releasing as open source.


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