ColdFusion Open-Source Update - November 24, 2008

Posted on Nov 25, 2008

Seven new projects and nine updates in this week's update. This update covers the past two weeks as I was away at MAX last week. MAX was excellent as usual with some big announcements for those of us interested in ColdFusion or Flex, though my favorite part may have been hanging at the Cigar bar drinking, smoking a cigar and networking. I hope to have a wrap up post coming some time this week. However, we better get down to business as there is a lot to cover this week.

New Releases and Updates

New Project: CFAdmin Utility Extensions
Initial Release
John Blayter posts this new project which adds several common utilities to the ColdFusion administrator console.

New Project: cfpayment
Initial Release
Code is available in Subversion for Brian Ghidinelli's payment processing project.

cfpayment in eighteen lines of code
Brian Ghidinelli shows some code samples to impress the point that cfpayment is making steady progress.

New Project: ColdDoc
ColdDoc 0.1 Released
Mark Mandel has released a port of JavaDoc for ColdFusion 8 that generates a static html file with API information.

New Project: MailChimp API Wrapper
Initial Release
Birgit Pauli-Haack wrote this component for tha MailChimp API.

New Project: PowerNap
Building RESTful Web Services
Brian Ghidinelli posts about his own project for building REST API's that is in the works and how it might relate to a new project on RIAForge.

Initial Release
PowerNapis is a ReSTful web services engine by Brian Carr.

New Project: Revorg GOAT Search Solution
Initial Release
This new project by Grover Fields is an alternative search solution built on top of Lucene.

New Project: SQL Surfer
Initial Release
Nathan Strutz released a browser-based SQL editor.

(I want my) MTV CFC
(I want my) MTV CFC - updated
Matt Gifford has added new API methods to his component.

cfUniForm v2.6 - Global Plugin Configs + ValidateThis! Integration
Matt Quackenbush announces a new release that includes a new configuration feature and ValidateThis integration (though not required).

CodexWiki by ColdBox & Transfer open beta
Luis Majano and Mark Mandel have finally released a public beta of their wiki application; you can view screenshots on this post.

New Plugin: diff.cfc part of the ColdBox Plugin Pack
This new plugin allows you to see the differences between two text based files in a color coded comparison view.

ORM PersistenceService BER
Isaac Dealey posts about an initial prototype of an "external ORM" that allows your business objects to be ignorant of the persistence layer.

RbMan Upgrade .... finally
Jason Sheedy releases an extensive update his resource bundle editor.

TransferSync v0.4 released
Tom De Manincor posts a bug fix release to his Transfer cache syncing project.

ValidateThis! - Mea Culpa
Bob Silverberg caught a significant issue in his demo and code that has been fixed.

YouTubeCFC update and the most insane API you will see today...
Raymond Camden updated his component for uploads and search.


NOTE: cfUniForm Does Not Require ValidateThis!
Matt Quackenbush posts that while you can use cfUniForm with ValidateThis, each is independent and does not require the other.

ColdBox crosses the 5000 download mark!
Luis Majano is excited because his framework has been downloaded over 5,000 times.

New PersistenceService option in DataFaucet ORM
Isaac Dealey continues of Joe Rinehart's ORM discussion and how it relates to a new work-in-progress feature in DataFaucet.

DataMgr SmartCache
Steve Bryant explains a feature he added to version 2.2 which intelligently caches and retrieves items from the cache, while managing when the cache needs to be refreshed.

FarCry Textmate Bundle
Rob Rohan created a TextMate plugin for code completion for tags and functions in FarCry.

Mach-II now on Twitter
Peter Farrell posts that Mach-II information and news can be caught via the new Twitter account.

7 Must have resources for the Mach-II Newcomer
Brian Fitzgerald puts together a list of links to help anyone interested in getting started with Mach-II.

Working on Mach-II 1.8 'Simplicity' - New Feature Specs Ready
Peter Farrell posts about an upcoming Mach-II release that focuses on productivity and toolkit enhancements including two new features detailed in this post.

Mach-II 1.6.0 Release Candidate 1
Sean Corfield discusses the latest Mach-II release.

MachBlog Developers Group
Matt Woodward created a Google group for anyone interested in contributing to MachBlog.

Mango Blog
Popular Posts Pod Plugin for Mango
Adam Tuttle posts a plugin that lists your most popular posts.

onTap Framework
800 Downloads for the onTap Framework, Woohoo!
Isaac Dealey is excited about the growing popularity of his framework on RIAForge.

ValidateThis Google Group
Peter Bell posts about some interesting dicussions going on at this validation frameworks mailing list.

Possible Errors in WhosOnCFC 2.2.3
Shane Zehnder noticed a possible error on his project and is looking for people who may have encountered the same issue.

Tutorials, Presentations and Reviews

TinyMCE ColdFusion Image Browser
Adam Howitt discusses potential issues when adding Doug Jones CF_iBrowser to TinyMCE added on BlogCFC.

cfUniForm - Custom Validation Demo
Matt Quackenbush posts about a demo submitted by Michael Sammut.

Using Multi-Word-Actions in ColdBox 2.6
Matt Quackenbush shows how to add multiword actions with hyphens using onMissingMethod.

Using Variables in Coldspring.xml with Coldbox
Doug Boude shows how to integrate Brian Kotek's DynamicXMLBeanFactory component to add dynamic values in otherwise unsupported areas of your ColdSpring configuration file.

Adding Todo Lists (Autowiring our Handler) - ColdBox Series Part 8c
Jason Dean continues his ColdBox tutorial series.

Adding Todo Lists (Handlers and the Service Layer) - ColdBox Series Part 8d
Jason Dean continues his detailed ColdBox tutorial series.

Using Application-Specific Mappings With ColdBox
Francois Levesque posts this tutorial.

Railo 3 and Coldfish
Gary Gilbert shows how to fix the ColdFish implementation in BlogCFC to work in Railo.

Control JSON formatting with Coldspring Remote Proxy
Brian Ghidinelli posts a tutorial which uses AOP on ColdSpring to assist in returning JSON from a CFC.

Transient Creation Performance - ColdSpring and TransientFactory
Paul Marcotte compares the performance of his Transient Factory to ColdSpring for handling transients.

Illudium PU-36 Code Generator
Database Abstraction With Illudium and onMissingMethod()
Chris Philips wraps up his series on using my generator outside its Flex UI.

Code Generators and Dates
Lola Lee Beno posts about a known issue in my generator with MySQL.

Advanced Unit Testing Patterns at Adobe MAX 2008
Marc Esher and Bill Shelton post the code and slides from their MAX presentation on building components for testability.

Sava CMS
Integrating ColdBox Applications with Sava CMS
Tony Garcia offers this tutorial showing how you can extend Sava CMS with a ColdBox application.

Managing Relationships with Transfer (2)
Raymond Camden continues his Transfer tutorial series with a discussion of using ManyToMany relationships.

Getting Some with Transfer
Raymond Camden continues his Transfer tutorial series with this post on getting data via Transfer.

How I Use Transfer Today - Encapsulating Database Access
Bob Silverberg follows up on his previous "How I Use Transfer" series with some changes he';s made.

Managing Relationships with Transfer (3)
Raymond Camden covers managing one-to-many relationships in Transfer.


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