Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of October 29, 2012

Posted on Nov 05, 2012

This week featured a number of significant new and updated libraries including PhoneGap, Bootstrap, Montage, Moobile and Chocolate-Chip-UI. Of course, there are plenty of excellent tutorials for you to go through as well. Enjoy!


Jeff Friesen continues his tutorial series on building a retro-style game using HTML and JavaScript.
Gaming: Battle on the High Seas, Part 3

Joe Zim discusses JavaScript's prototypal inheritance the impact ES6 classes will have.
JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance and What ES6 Classes Have to Say About It

Chris Coyier shows how to use the HTML progress element to offer visual feedback on the completion of long forms.
Display Form <progress>

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer examines in detail how properties work in JavaScript.
Properties in JavaScript

Tom Wiltzius explains how to get better rendering performance out of your web applications.
Jank Busting for Better Rendering Performance

Frameworks and Libraries

Ryan Seddon shows how UglifyJS2's support for multi-level source maps support can map minified JS back to the language it was originally compiled from.
Multi-level Source maps

A good introduction to templating with Handlebars by Gabriel Manricks.
An Introduction to Handlebars

Esprima version 1.0 included a simple JavaScript validator esvalidate. Ariya Hidayat explains how to use it.
JavaScript Validator with Esprima don't code today what you can't debug tomorrow


Raymond Camden shows how to add user and authentication support to your PhoneGap apps.
Adding User support to your PhoneGap application

Parashuram Narasimhan shows how to use the IndexedDB polyfill on Cordova (Phonegap) for Android and iOS.
IndexedDB Example on Cordova (Phonegap) - Android

Andrew Trice offers useful advice on avoiding Apple app rejections for your PhoneGap apps.
PhoneGap advice on Apple app rejections

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

PhoneGap 2.2.0 released including support for Windows 8, letting you put your apps in thw Windows Store.
PhoneGap 2.2.0 Released

SheetClip.js transforms JavaScript 2D arrays to clipboard strings to copy to spreadsheet applications like Excel.

Miso Dataset is a JavaScript library for managing data behind client-side visualisations. Version 0.3 just released.
Miso Dataset 03 Release

ChocolateChip-UI, a framework that provides layouts and widgets for mobile Web apps, version 2.0 was released.
ChocolateChip-UI 2.0

Bootstrap 2.2.0 released including new example templates, media component, variable-driven typographic scale and more.
Bootstrap 2.2.0 released

Bootstrap Live Editor is WYSIWYG editor built for Bootstrap.
Bootstrap Live Editor - Live Preview

A CSS Filters polyfill that supports grayscale, sepia, blur, invert, brightness and drop-shadow.
CSS Filters Polyfill

Montage is another framework that uses JavaScript on both the front and back ends of the application.
Montage - HTML5 Framework

Moobile is the MooTools mobile framework and version 0.2 released with new themes and transitions.
Moobile 0.2 Released


The November issue of Appliness was released and, along with a ton of articles and tutorials, features an interview with Addy Osmani.
November issue with Addy Osmani


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