Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of October 22, 2012

Posted on Oct 29, 2012

If you, like me, are hunkered down waiting on Sandy to arrive, you’ll be glad to know that you can get your learn on with a ton of tutorials this week as well as a handful of interesting new and updated libraries.


Hugo Giraudel shares a collection of CSS snippets intended to speed up your web development.
Kick-Start Your Project: A Collection of Handy CSS Snippets

Joe Zim continues his JavaScript fundamentals series by covering what you need to know about variables.
JavaScript Fundamentals: Variables

Jos Dirksen explores the HTML5 Web Audio API by creating several sound visualizations.
Exploring the HTML5 Web Audio: visualizing sound

Niels Matthijs shares his methodology and examples for creating reusable HTML components.
The Road To Reusable HTML Components

Hugo Giraudel created a useful set of basic ready-to-use CSS styles.
Basic Ready-to-Use CSS Styles

Agraj Mangal explains HTML5 web workers and shows you how to use them to run background threads.
Getting Started with Web Workers

Toby Ho looks at doing Javascript OO using without constructors or any form of OOP facade.
Javascript OO Without Constructors

Janine Warner shows how to use the @font-face rule with Google Web Fonts, Edge Web Fonts, Font Squirrel and Typekit.
Fonts, fabulous fonts: How to use the @font-face rule with popular font services

Dudley Storey shows how to achieve a nice, cross-browser drop shadow effect.
Creating a True Cross-Browser Drop Shadow Effect With CSS3 & SVG

Stoyan Stefanov shows how to use the Web Audio API to create sounds using JavaScript.
WebAudio: oscillator in JS

Justin Naifeh shows how to dynamically invoke methods using string evaluation.
Dynamic Invocation Part 1: Methods

Mike Thomas shows how to trigger effects, in this case on bar charts, when the user scrolls to them as Apple does on some of their pages.
Liven up a web page Apple style

Jeff Friesen continues his series on building a retro-style game in HTML and JavaScript by focusing on the architecture and initialization.
Gaming: Battle on the High Seas, Part 2

Frameworks and Libraries

Terrence Ryan shows how to add Edge Animate animations to your Reveal.js presentation.
Add Edge Animate Compositions to Reveal.js

Adam Alexander shows how to use the Datagrid component from the new Fuel UX library.
Connecting Fuel UX Datagrid to the Flickr API

A useful responsive design framework comparison chart by Vermilion Design compares Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton.
Responsive CSS Framework Comparison

Andrew Burgess shows how to use the Bower package manager for  building packages files including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and images and for installing packages.
Meet Bower: A Package Manager For The Web

Avinash Zala created a getting started guide for MooTools.
Getting Started with MooTools


Raymond Camden finishes up his series on building a enabled PhoneGap app.
Building a Enabled PhoneGap App - Part 5

Andrew Trice released a Halloween Fun app with PhoneGap that is available in mobile markets and source on GitHub.
Halloween Fun with PhoneGap

Holly Schinsky shows how to do push notifications on your Android PhoneGap app using the Google Cloud Messaging service.
Tutorial: Android Push Notifications with PhoneGap

New and Updated Frameworks and Libraries

TJ Holowaychuk shows you everything that is new in the just released Express 3.0.
Express 3.0

Fuel UX extends Twitter Bootstrap with additional lightweight JavaScript controls like ComboBox, Datagrid and more.
Fuel UX

uiji.js by Aakil Fernandes is like reverse jQuery, using familiar jQuery syntax for creating elements rather than selecting.
uiji.js by Aakil Fernandes

QuoJS is a micro, modular JavaScript Library for DOM traversing, event handling and Ajax in mobile web apps.
QUOjs - Micro JavaScript Library


An awesome interactive story of the US told in 141 maps made, in part, using D3.js.
Manifest Destiny - The Story of The US Told In 141 Maps

Razvan Caliman shows how the web-based CSS FilterLab allows you to try, create and share CSS Filter Effects.
Introducing CSS FilterLab


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