Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of November 26, 2012

Posted on Dec 03, 2012

This was a really busy week of tutorials and new libraries. In fact, I still have a backlog of posts to go through from this past weekend but I am busily attending Roost Boston which is run by the folks at Bocoup. Hoping to get my learn on!


The 100,000 Stars Chrome experiment built with three.s is pretty impressive. Michael Chang explains how it was built.
Making 100,000 Stars

Joe Lambert shows how to structure your HTML/JS application to better handle being offline enabled.
Offline First – A better HTML5 User Experience

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains how JavaScript coerces objects to primitives.
Coercing objects to primitives

Object.observe() adds a listener to JavaScript objects that is called when the object or properties change. It is available in Chrome Canary version 25.
Respond to change with Object.observe

Alex Young delves deeper into prototypes in JavaScript for his JS101 series by discussing __proto__.
JS101: __proto__

Nicholas Zakas discusses the quicksort sorting algorithm and shows how to implement it in JavaScript.
Computer science in JavaScript: Quicksort

Peter Rybin of the Chome DevTools team teaches closures and internal properties by using new features in Chrome DevTools.
Learn JavaScript concepts with the Chrome DevTools

Libraries and Frameworks

Andrew Burgess shows how to get started testing JavaScript using the PhantomJS headless WebKit.
Testing JavaScript with PhantomJS

Chris Coyier shows how to have new content appended to the DOM "fly in" using jQuery and CSS rather than simply appear.
Fly in Newly Added Content to a Page

Mary Lou shows how to create some very nice drop down list effects using a jQuery plugin.
Simple Effects for Drop-Down Lists

Alex Young begins a new Backbone.js tutorial series that will build a to-do list based on the Gmail to-do list.
Backbone.js Tutorial: Build Environment

Google has created a detailed guide for building Chrome packaged apps using AngularJS.
Build Apps with AngularJS

Derick Bailey shows a few simple tricks to get Backbone and Kendo UI working together nicely.
Backbone And Kendo UI: A Beautiful Combination

Tane Piper explains how he is using GruntJS to improve his workflow.
Building and Testing JavaScript With GruntJS

Jack Franklin gives an overview of Backbone, Ember, Knockout, Angular and Batman.
Essential JavaScript: the top five MVC frameworks


Adam Tuttle shows how to do "pull to refresh" and inifite scroll for jQuery Mobile and PhoneGap using iScrollView.
jqMobile + iScrollView + Infinite Scrolling

Simon Mac Donald shares how to build an options menu for PhoneGap on Android using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Building a HTML Options Menu for PhoneGap Android

Alex Gibson explains how to play a cached offline audio file in iOS 6 Safari using the Web Audio API.
Taking Web Audio Offline in iOS 6 Safari

Want to learn how to build a PhoneGap application in a few hours? Christophe Coenraets awesome tutorial will take you through all the steps to build your first app, an employee directory.
Tutorial: Developing a PhoneGap Application

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

fastclick is a polyfill to remove the 300ms delay between actual touch and click event firing on mobile browsers.

Jasy is a construction tool for web projects similar to Yeoman but tightly integrated. Works on Mac, Linux and Windows.
Jasy, the ultimate web tool

Extensionizr is a boilerplate for building Chrome extensions.

Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness.
Viewport Resizer - Responsive design testing tool by Malte Wassermann

Mary Lou shares a jQuery calendar plugin Codrops created called Calendario.
Calendario: A Flexible Calendar Plugin

oolib.js is a JavaScript library providing OOP encapsulation supporting private methods, class inheritance and more.
oolib.js - The JavaScript OOP library

viewport is a cross-browser library to get the dimensions of the viewport and more.

Aware.js is a jQuery plugin that allows you to customize and personalize the display of content based on a reader's behavior.


Learn how to extend the functionality of the Brackets code editor using just HTML, CSS and JavaScript from David Deraedt.
Building your first Brackets extension


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