Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of November 19, 2012

Posted on Nov 26, 2012

Despite the holiday weekend in the US, there were quite a lot of really useful and important tutorials this week, with a heavy focus on CSS and RWD this week (though a couple of excellent articles on JavaScript by Addy Osmani and Tim Wright are definitely worth reading).


Addy Osmani covers some of the best features coming to JavaScript in 2013 as part of
A Few New Things Coming To JavaScript

Keith Clark documents the issues for each browser that he's encountered related to CSS 3D transforms.
The state of CSS 3D transforms

Louis Lazaris discusses how to target IE10 using CSS hacks without conditional comments that are no longer supported.
IE10 CSS Hacks

Tim Wright explains techniques to improve your site by offloading some of the work being done by JavaScript to CSS.
Building A Relationship Between CSS & JavaScript

Mary Lou shows how to create a responsive timeline using only CSS including transitions and 3D transforms.
Responsive CSS Timeline with 3D Effect

Learn the advantages and disadvantages of four different ways of creating responsive menus from Tim Pietrusky.
Responsive Menu Concepts

Quite a few useful tips for improving tour CSS from Hugo Giraudel.
Learning Principles for Improving Your CSS

A useful list of CSS practices to avoid by Harry Roberts.
Code smells in CSS

Jeffrey Burtoft shows how to make your pages machine readable using microdata.
Make Your Page Consumable by Robots and Humans Alike With Microdata

Libraries and Frameworks

Did you know you can use Node without doing server-side JavaScript? I show how to go Node without code.
Go Node Without Code

Joe Zim follows up his basic Socket.IO tutorial with an advanced tutorial by covering a few of the more advanced features.
lugging Into Socket.IO: Advanced

Todd Anderson walks through building a test-driven grocery list application using BDD with Jasmine and RequireJS.
The Making of a Test-Driven Grocery List Application in JavaScript: Part I

Todd Anderson continues his Jasmine BDD tutorial series by focusing on a single user story for his sample grocery list application.
The Making of a Test-Driven Grocery List Application in JS: Part II


Holly Schinsky explains in detail how to implement Apple push notifications on iOS with PhoneGap.
Apple push notifications with PhoneGap

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

Pedro Botelho shows an experimental jQuery plugin that automatically groups thumbnails using a pile effect.
Adaptive Thumbnail Pile Effect with Automatic Grouping

jQuery-interdependencies is a library for dynamically showing/hiding form fields based on rules and interdependencies.

Attr is a library that will create values/attributes that emit events when changed.


Chris Griffith updated his ConfiGAP project for generating the config.xml for PhoneGap Build.
ConfiGAP updated!

A useful tool created by Patrik Larsson and Tiago Duarte that will generate Base64 code for an image that can be used for data URI’s.


replica de reloj Thanks for the mention! Hope to see more animations roaming the Internet soon!

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