Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of November 12, 2012

Posted on Nov 19, 2012

This holiday week (at least in the US) features a fairly balanced mix of great tutorials and useful library releases.


Laura Kalbag explains why she believes you should not use display:none in your responsive web design.
display: none;

Kris Kowal explains how promises work and how to implement a promise library in JavaScript.
how promises work

Jeff Friesen finishes his multi-part tutorial on creating a retro-style game using HTML and JavaScript.
Gaming: Battle on the High Seas, Part 5

Peter Keating explains how to use spritesheets and CSS to reduce HTTP requests on your site.
Reducing HTTP Requests for Images using CSS Sprites

Chris Coyier shows how to build a stairway navigation effect where the active item becomes the tallest stair.
Stairway Navigation (A jQuery Plugin?)

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer discusses three common rules around JavaScript variable declarations and when it's ok to break them.
Variable declarations: three rules you can break

Raymond Camden shows how to load style sheets based on dynamic criteria such as, in this example, weather conditions.
Dynamically loading a style sheet based on weather conditions

Good article by James Padolsey on JavaScript practices he once deemed right, during a period he calls his "JS adolescence," but now seem foolish in hindsight.
JS adolescence

Tilo Mitra posts how to get started using Parse for storing, syncing and pushing data from the cloud.
Getting Started with Parse

Louis Lazaris discusses all the things in CSS that don’t occupy physical space in an HTML document.
CSS Things That Don’t Occupy Space

Libraries and Frameworks

Andre Rieussec discusses the how and why of languages and supersets that compile to JavaScript.
Compiling to JavaScript: What, Why, and How?

Get started using Socket IO using this tutorial covering the basic by Joe Zim.
Plugging Into Socket.IO: The Basics

James Socol discusses using jQuery.Deferred() to avoid callback hell.
Defer ALL The Things


Holly Schinsky explains how to embed PhoneGap as a subview in a native iOS app to render HTML/JS or use PhoneGap API's.
Tutorial: Embed PhoneGap as a Subview in your Native iOS Application

Raymond Camden creates a proof of concept app that tests the core globalization support in PhoneGap 2.2.
Testing Globalization Support in PhoneGap 2.2

Andrew Trice shows how to debug complex issues in your mobile application by analyzing web traffic using a network proxy server.
Debugging On-Device PhoneGap Applications with “Charles” Network Proxy

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

typed is a static typing library for JavaScript that works in most browsers as well as Node.js.
typed by alexlawrence

d?mo lets you write HTML markup and CSS styles in JavaScript syntax, in the browser and on the server.

Webshims is a polyfill that enables HTML5/CSS3 features like semantic tags, canvas, web storage, geolocation and more.
How to Use the Webshims Polyfill

Baraja is a jQuery plugin that spreads elements like a deck of cards on a table using CSS transforms for rotating items.
Baraja: A Plugin for Spreading Items in a Card-Like Fashion


Raymond Camden shows a proof of concept Chrome Extension that uses the Edge Animate API to create a useful debugging tool.
POC: Integrating a Chrome Extension with Adobe Edge Animate

The Brackets Sprint 16 build includes URL mapping for Live Development, Japanese language support and more.
Brackets Sprint 16 Build


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