Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of January 7, 2013

Posted on Jan 14, 2013

The new year seems to be bringing tons of new content and new projects. This week seems particularly busy with a lot of framework and library specific tutorials and a number of new and updated projects including, of course, the latest PhoneGap release.


Louis Lazaris explains how he uses the module pattern for structuring his JavaScript.
My Current JavaScript Design Pattern

James Edwards shares a domStorage() function which is useful for interacting with web storage.
Using Web Storage

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer explains array comprehensions and generator comprehensions that are part of array comprehensions and generator comprehensions

Sean McArthur explains how to implement Mozilla's Persona API for handling login and logout functionality on your site.
An Introduction to Persona

Mary Lou demonstrates a really cool book showcase proof of concept built with CSS 3D transforms.
3D Book Showcase

Dirk Schulze examines one of SVG's strengths: styling.
SVG Styling

Louis Lazaris shows you tricks on how to replace JavaScript components with straight CSS3 and HTML form elements.
Using Form Elements and CSS3 to Replace JavaScript

Mike West explains how sandboxing content in iframes can help mitigate security risks of including 3rd party content.
Play safely in sandboxed IFrames

Remy Sharp explains how CORS can be used for images and why you might want to enable it.
CORS isn’t just for XHR

Colin Ihrig explores the Wii U browser and the Wii U specific JavaScript API.
JavaScript and the Wii U Browser

Libraries and Frameworks

Alan Greenblatt shows how to use Twitter Boostrap's autocomplete component including how to populate it using an array of objects rather than an array of simple strings.
Twitter Boostrap Typeahead Real-World Tutorial

Glenn Gervais shows how to create a multi-level menu using an external data source in AngularJS.
Create an Easy AngularJS Menu

Todd Anderson continues his making of a test-driven grocery list app series with Jasmine. In this part he fixes failing tests by adding the unimplemented features.
The Making of a Test-Driven Grocery List Application in JS: Part VI

Johnny Simpson shows how to create iPhone-style dragging with jQuery that works on both the desktop and mobile.
iPhone Style Dragging for Both Desktop and Mobile with jQuery

Joe Zim explains how to get started doing BDD testing in JavaScript using Jasmine.
JavaScript Unit Testing with Jasmine: Part 1

Jeffrey Way shares a video on how to use this starter template for Require/Backbone applications.
A RequireJS, Backbone, and Bower Starter Template

John Resig explains how he internationalized a Node/Express application.
A Strategy for i18n and Node.js

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

Flowtime.js is another HTML presentatoin framework that has some really nice features.

Animate.css includes a long list of pre-built, plug-and-play CSS animations.
Animate.css - a bunch of plug-and-play CSS animations

Wolfram Kriesing explains how the Jasmine Matchers project can help create more readable and understandable unit tests.
Make tests read like a book

PhoneGap 2.3.0 is released and has full support for Windows Phone 8 and first cut of the InAppBrowser API.
PhoneGap 2.3.0 Released

ParamQuery Grid is a jQuery grid plugin with sorting, paging, resizable columns and rows, inline editing and more.
ParamQuery jQuery Grid Plugin

Conference is both a nice example Node and Backbone app as well as a useful tool for conferences to create a scheduler.

Junior is a front-end framework for building mobile apps that look and feel native.

Framer is a prototyping tool for testing complex animations for either mobile or desktop.


Raymond Camden created a Chrome Extension for reading and viewing a page's microdata.
Chrome Extension for Microdata

David Boyer generates a weekly report on JavaScript projects at GitHub that has lots of interesting statistics.
github Report for JavaScript 2013-01-07


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