Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of January 21, 2013

Posted on Jan 29, 2013

A lot of new tutorials this week (sorry for being a day late) including a lot of PhoneGap, including updates to PhoneGap Build, and a lot of jQuery with the parade of releases for the anniversary continuing.


Christian Heilmann shares five tips for making your HTML5 apps perform better across all platforms.
Five things you can do to make HTML5 perform better

Hans Muller explains how the first fit algorithm tackles polygons that have reflex vertices in CSS exclusion shapes.
Getting to the Point: Reflex Vertices

Sandeep Panda demonstrates the basic drawing operations supported by canvas and how to create a simple animation.
Basic Canvas Animation Using JavaScript

Keith Clark explains how he created an impressive 3D world experiment using HTML and CSS.
Creating 3D worlds with HTML and CSS

James Edwards shows how to add simple, non-intrusive form validation using new HTML5 validation attributes and JavaScript.
Instant Form Validation Using JavaScript

Eric Feminella explains how you can make your API design more flexible by using parameter objects.
Simplifying Designs with Parameter Objects

Johnny Simpson begins a series of in-depth looks at SVG, what it is and how to use it.
What is SVG? [Guide to SVG Part 1]

Roundarch Isobar has published their entire front-end code standards and best practices. A really useful reference.
Front-end Code Standards & Best Practices

Louis Lazaris creates a good reference for the meaning of this in a variety of contexts.
JavaScript ‘this’ in Different Contexts

Douglas Knudsen shares how he built some interesting animation experiments using CSS transitions.
JavaScript and CSS3 transition fun

Jack Franklin looks at new Array methods such as map and filter.
ECMAScript 5 Array Methods

Rik Cabanier explains the new blending features added to the Canvas spec and available in the WebKit and Firefox nightly builds.
Blending features in Canvas

Libraries and Frameworks

Alex Young continues his Backbone.js tutorial with part 9 covering creating and viewing tasks in the task manager app.
Backbone.js Tutorial: Tasks

Glenn Gervais shares an example of how to handle form validation with AngularJS.
Responsive Form Validation with AngularJS and HTML5

Adam Tuttle dives deep into customizing the Bootstrap Typeahead control.
Heavily Customizing a Bootstrap Typeahead

Todd Anderson posts part 8 in his series on building a test-driven grocery list application with Jasmine and RequireJS.
The Making of a Test-Driven Grocery List Application in JS: Part VIII

Learn about five very useful Node.js command-line tools for front-end development that don't require server-side JavaScript development in my latest article.
Node.js command-line tools for front-end development


Aurelio de Rosa explains what is new in jQuery Mobile 1.3.0 including Reflow Table Mode and Column Toggle Table Mode.
What to Expect From jQuery Mobile 1.3.0

A quick tip for PhoneGap developers, Raymond Camden shows how to modify the default www template.
Tip for PhoneGap Users - Modify the WWW template

The push notifications plugin is now supported on PhoneGap Build and Holly Schinsky explains how to use it.
Push Notifications Plugin Support added to PhoneGap Build

Michael Brooks posts code samples on connecting to the PhoneGap Build API using the phonegap-build-api-js NPM module.
PhoneGap Build API for Node.js

Simon MacDonald upates his plugins for the Cordova 2.2.0 API’s.
PhoneGap Plugin Updates to BarcodeScanner and AppPreferences

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

Helium is a front-end responsive framework for rapid prototyping using HTML5 and CSS3 similar to Twitter Bootstrap and ZURB Foundation.

CSS Hat says it can turn Photoshop layer styles into CSS3. Available via commercial licenses.

omggif is a JavaScript implementation of a GIF 89a encoder.

Mobile Boilerplate version 4.1.0 is available.
Mobile Boilerplate: A best practice baseline for your mobile web app

MathBox.js is a JavaScript library for creating high quality 3D mathematical visualizations using WebGL.
linkMathBox.js: A 3d Math Visualization Library using WebGL

A look at what’s new in this release and the evolution of the QUnit project and what to expect down the road.
QUnit 1.11 Release: A Look Back (and Forth)

Experimental.js tests for browser support for newer features, similar to Modernizr, but is very simplified and lightweight.

Parsley.js is a form validation framework that can automatically create validation without requiring any additional JavaScript code.

A lightweight micro-framework and CSS3 grid system made with only one container and 12 columns.
Responsive Boilerplate


Zoltan Horvath gives an overview of WebKit's performance and memory testing framework.
Introduction to the Performance-Tests in WebKit

Get the new Brackets Sprint 19 Build which includes CSS code hinting, natives menus and tons of other enhancements.
Brackets Sprint 19 Build

The jQuery Plugin Registry has launched.
jQuery Plugin Registry

Bem Jones-Bey begins the first in a series of posts explaining the WebKit layout system.
Getting Started With the WebKit Layout Code


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