Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of January 1, 2013

Posted on Jan 07, 2013

Considering that last week's post was only just posted on Wednesday, it is pretty impressive how much good stuff there is for this Monday's post. In particular, I recommend bookmarking Alex MacCaw's CSS transitions and PPK's CSS gradients posts as good reference should you use these features. However, there are plenty of other goodies in here - enjoy!


Alex MacCaw explains everything you need to know about CSS Transitions including chaining, events, hardware acceleration and more.
All you need to know about CSS Transitions

Peter-Paul Koch covers the three syntaxes for defining CSS gradients and which browser engines support which syntax.
CSS gradients

Ken Tabor shares his solution, with full source, for adding foreign language support in JavaScript applications.
Translated Strings and Foreign Language Support in JavaScript

Dominic Cooney explains how Shadow DOM allows you to build widgets with an encapsulated DOM tree.
Shadow DOM 101

Libraries and Frameworks

Alex Young continues his Backbone.js tutorial by showing how to create the CRUD operations for managing task lists.
Backbone.js Tutorial: Creating Lists

Mike Pennisi discusses how simulate many clients to stress test your NodeJS app and distribute on EC2.
Realtime Nodejs App Stress Testing Procedure

Joe Zim walks through setting up a Jasmine and Node-based Testem for your unit testing environment.
Setting Up a Jasmine Unit Testing Environment with Testem

Ben Nadel helps explain AngularJS directives by using a simple example of showing and hiding a DOM element.
Creating A Custom Show / Hide Directive In AngularJS

Eric Feminella demonstrates how and when to use RequireJS ability to return a module as a function.
Function Modules in RequireJS

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

Qtzweb is a compiler, written in Python, which converts Quartz Composer files to JavaScript and WebGL shaders for the browser.
Qtzweb: A Quartz Composer to WebGL & JavaScript Compiler

Inverted is an inversion of control library that builds upon CommonJS and AMD to define how classes are instantiated and interact.
Inverted - Javascript IOC container


The latest edition of the Appliness digital magazine for developers is out. The January issue features a new design, tons of articles and an interview with Denise Jacobs.
January issue with Denise Jacobs!!!

I take a look back at HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Mobile content on the ADC in 2012.
HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Mobile on the ADC in 2012


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