Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of December 3, 2012

Posted on Dec 10, 2012

As you can see, this week's update is massive. I thought about cutting it down, but there really weren't any posts I was willing to leave out. Some highlights (in my opinion of course) include Philip Walton on CSS architecture, Nicholas Zakas on localStorage performance, Holly Schinsky on PhoneGap push notifications and the latest sprint build of Brackets.


Jussi Kalliokoski explains how you can implement multiple inheritance using Proxies in ECMAScript 6.
Multiple Inheritance in ES6 with Proxies

David Walsh shows how to use the HTML5 Vibration API.
Vibration API

Jeffrey Biles explains prototypes in JavaScript.
Prototypes in JavaScript

Rachel Nabors shows how to do some nice animations in just HTML and CSS.
Flashless Animation

Panagiotis Tsalaportas examines how subtle differences in JavaScript string declarations can produce very different performance results.
Performance with JavaScript String Objects

Divya Manian discusses some of her favorite new features in CSS.
JSCamp: CSS Next

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer has an excellent, detailed overview of how arrays work in JavaScript.
Arrays in JavaScript

W3C @-viewport specification addresses the non-standard viewport meta tag and moves control over zoom-factor to CSS.
Elegantly Resize Your Page with the @-viewport CSS Declaration

A detailed tutorial by Sue Smith that demonstrates using inline SVGs with HTML5.
Using Inline SVGs With HTML5

Interesting post by Philip Walton on CSS Architecture discussing best practices as well as practices to avoid.
CSS Architecture

Felix Bohm explains things you may not know about ECMAScript5 Array Extras.
What They Didn't Tell You About ES5?s Array Extras

David Walsh shows how to use the HTML5 Datalist to provide autocomplete functionality.
HTML5 Datalist

Nicholas Zakas looks at localStorage performance and finds that cries of bad localStorage performance were premature.
Is localStorage performance a problem?

Louis Lazaris lists out many of the changes to the CSS spec since version 2.1.
Differences Between CSS2.1 and CSS3+

Philip Tellis shows a pattern for loading scripts asynchronously that will not block page loading or the onload event and a library that implements that pattern.
The non-blocking script loader pattern

Libraries and Frameworks

Part 2 of Alex Young's Backbone.js tutorial covers how Backbone.sync works, using RequireJS and integrating Google APIs.
Backbone.js Tutorial: Google's APIs and RequireJS

Todd Anderson continues his series on building a test-driven grocery list application with RequireJS and Jasmine.
The Making of a Test-Driven Grocery List Application in JS: Part III

Matt Baker explains why jQuery.Deferred is important and shows several examples of how to utilize it.
jQuery.Deferred is the most important client-side tool you have

Ariya Hidayat shows how to manage JavaScript code coverage with the Node-based tool Istanbul.
JavaScript Code Coverage with Istanbul

Lars Kappert covers what is client-side templating, why you should use it and how to do it using tools like Mustache.
Client-Side Templating

A beginner's introduction to using headless WebKit and PhantomJS by Colin Ihrig.
Headless WebKit and PhantomJS

Giovanni Ferron shares a simple introduction to to using Node.js streams for reading and writing files.
Introduction to Node.js Streams


Simon Mac Donald shows how to write a PhoneGap plugin to access the device's phone number on Android.
How to Get the Device's Phone Number Using PhoneGap Android

Joe Bowser shares a tutorial on using the CordovaWebView on Android for advanced PhoneGap developers comfortable in Java.
Advanced Tutorial: Using CordovaWebView on Android

Holly Schinsky shows how to do PhoneGap push notifications easily using the Pushwoosh service.
Easy PhoneGap Push Notifications with Pushwoosh

Colin Ihrig show how to use the HTML5 battery status API to get detail and events related to battery level and charging status.
Introducing the Battery Status API

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

Osvaldus Valutis shares a jQuery-plugin for an audio player that is responsive, touch-friendly with a CSS-based UI.
Responsive & Touch-Friendly Audio Player

Photobooth.js is a library or jQuery plugin to simplify working with the webcam in browsers that support getUserMedia.

jStat is a statistical library for JavaScript that does advanced statistical operations without needing a dedicated statistical language.
jStat : a JavaScript statistical library

Extender is a library to help in building chainable API's.


Mihai Corlan walks through how to add a new menu option in your Brackets extension.
Brackets: How to add a new option to the menu

Learn how to dynamically skip animations created with Edge Animate from Raymond Camden.
Dynamically skipping animations in Edge Animate

Christophe Coenraets provides a comprehensive video overview of synchronized browsing and remote inspection with Adobe Edge Inspect.
Synchronized Browsing and Remote Inspection with Adobe Edge Inspect

Get the December issue of Appliness featuring an interview with Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch and lots of tutorials.
Get December issue!

I wrote a guest post on the Kendo blog about using Adobe Edge Tools and Services like Edge Code, Edge Inspect and PhoneGap Build with Kendo UI.
Using Adobe Edge Tools and Services with Kendo UI

Brackets Sprint 17 includes live CSS highlighting during live development, an inline color editor and more.
Brackets Sprint 17 Build


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