Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of December 10, 2012

Posted on Dec 17, 2012

Another extremely busy week of posts again this week. This week features a lot of CSS related tutorials, a lot of mobile tutorials.


Eric Bidelman shows how you can use a 2D canvas as an animated web page background.
Canvas-driven background images

James Edwards explains how you can make your web apps more accessible using ARIA.
Accessibility in Modern Interfaces

Learn what the Flexbox CSS3 layout mode is, why it is important and how to use it from Greg Smith.
Dive into Flexbox

Lea Verou shows how you can reduce code by creating simple CSS animations using only one keyframe.
CSS Animations with only one keyframe

David Pickett gives a good overview of the CSS3 transition property.
How to use the CSS3 transition property

Sam Dutton updates the status of WebRTC, which has now arrived on Firefox, Android and iOS, in addition to Chrome.
WebRTC hits Firefox, Android and iOS

Nicholas Zakas explains how your JavaScript code for handling mixins may not be ECMAScript 5 compatible, and how to fix it.
Are your mixins ECMAScript 5 compatible?

Rebecca Murphey explains a couple of things about JavaScript conditionals that you may not know.
Two Things about Conditionals in JavaScript

Karolina Szczur discusses the pursuit of simplicity for web developers, and the benefits and drawbacks of using tools like frameworks and preprocessors.
The pursuit of simplicity

Razvan Caliman explains the CSS Regions implementation in WebKit's new feature, regions which auto-size themselves.
CSS Regions Auto-size

Hugo Giraudel covers some experimental tricks that we can use to detect a click using just CSS.
CSS Click Events

Libraries and Frameworks

Raymond Camden shares a proof of concept NodeJS application called MockData to make it easy to mock API's.
Another proof of concept - MockData

Alex Young continues his Backbone.js tutorial series by covering authenticating with OAuth2.
Backbone.js Tutorial: Authenticating with OAuth2

Les James shows how Sass 3.2 allows you to think of the media query in terms of columns rather than screen dimensions.
Redesigning the Media Query

Andrew Burgess shares his best practices for using JavaScript templates, including frameworks like Underscore and Handlebars.
Best Practices When Working With JavaScript Templates

Mary Lou shows how to create a fullscreen pageflip layout effect using the BookBlock plugin.
Fullscreen Pageflip Layout

Chandler Prall compares box2dweb, Ammo.js, JigLibJS, and Cannon.js.
A Comparison of JavaScript Physics Engines


Pete LePage explains the meta viewport tag and shows how to use it to optimize your site's rendering on mobile devices.
Using meta viewport

Andy Trice shares a proof-of-concept where a second-screen PhoneGap app extends the experience of watching a video.
Connected Second-Screen App Experiences with PhoneGap & Audio Water

David Walsh shows how you can use the pointer media query to adjust UI elements for touch screen devices.
pointer Media Query

Holly Schinsky demonstrates geo-based push notifications, also known as geofencing, with PhoneGap using the Pushwoosh service.
Geo-based Push Notifications with PhoneGap and Pushwoosh

Shazron Abdullah describes new features and changes in Cordova iOS 2.3.0.
What’s new in Cordova iOS 2.3.0

See how to build a data-driven PhoneGap app without needing to set up a server using the Parse JavaScript API from Raymond Camden.
Using with PhoneGap: A marriage made in Awesome

New and Updated Libraries and Frameworks

Brad Vincent introduces FooTable, a jQuery plugin for building responsive data tables.
FooTable: a jQuery Plugin for Responsive Data Tables

MaskJS is another templating framework with no dependencies which supports custom tags.

The latest release of CanJS, version 1.1, adds computed values, batch operations, AMD and more.
CanJS 1.1 Release Notes

thin-orm is a lightweight Node-based ORM that supports PostgreSQL and SQLite3 with a MongoDB inspired API.

SocialCount is a jQuery plugin for progressively enhanced, lazy loaded, mobile friendly social networking widgets.

Socrates is a nice web based Markdown editor.

soma-template is a new web template engine create by Romuald Quantin.


Check out Adobe Tech Live, a new site hosting regular live, interactive developer events with Adobe evangelists.
Adobe Tech Live

The 20 best new tools for web design and development of 2012 according to .net magazine includes Edge Inspect, Brackets and Dreamweaver CS6.
The 20 best new tools for web design and development of 2012

The Zen Coding ( Brackets extension is pretty awesome - Raymond Camden shows why in this video.
Zen Coding ( Brackets Extension


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