my projects

Below are some open source projects that I have written in the past. Keep in mind that most of these are no longer maintained but if they are useful to you, feel free to use them as you see fit. Enjoy!

Illudium PU-36 Code Generator
This project generates ColdFusion components (i.e. bean, DAO, gateway, service), ColdSpring? XML, Transfer XML, and ActionScript? Value-Objects using the admin api and database introspection. The front-end is built in Flex 2. The code outputted for easily pasting or saving into a project to allow you to get a head-start on some of the grunt work of doing OO in CF. It uses XSL to generate the components and is designed to allow you to easily add to or modify the generated code. You can even create new templates that can be swapped out at run-time.

A component wrapper for cfftp simplifies using built-in ColdFusion FTP functionality. For information on how to use this component, view this blog post.

Sortable Tables Custom Tag
Uses the JQuery UI framework to simplify adding customized table sorting without page refreshes (see the example). A prior version of this custom tag uses the Web FX Sortable Table JavaScript. You can view an example here

Breeze/Connect XML API Component
This set of CFCs implements 27 of the functions laid out in the Breze 5 XML API spec, specifically those relating to reporting. For details on how to utlize this component, view this blog post.

RSS Component
Allows you to easily read and output RSS feeds in ColdFusion. Basically, all you need to do is supply a URL when you initialize the component.


My name is Brian Rinaldi and I am the Web Community Manager for Flash Platform at Adobe. I am a regular blogger, speaker and author. I also founded RIA Unleashed conference in Boston. The views expressed on this site are my own & not those of my employer.