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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of July 23, 2012

Posted on Jul 30, 2012

This week features a large number of core, framework-less HTML5, CSS and JavaScript tutorials. Some highlights include the JavaScript design patterns articles from both Joe Zim and Tilo Mitra. The few framework related articles focused on either RequireJS or Backbone. Another highlight is the release of Brackets sprint 11 on Github.

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Getting HTML5 Ready - HTML5 Parsing

Posted on Jul 26, 2012

It seems like just yesterday that I felt extremely comfortable with my skills in HTML and CSS. Despite spending my career as more of a coder than someone focused on layout and design, I helped launch some of the first CSS-based layouts for companies like Hasbro and Sun Life Financial. But this was back when HTML and CSS were easily learned and far less powerful. Today, with the ever improving capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3, what is possible using these technologies makes my skills feel paltry and outdated. For this reason, I am embarking on a "quest" of sorts to update my knowledge and skills in HTML and CSS. In an ongoing series of posts, starting with this one, I plan on walking through and documenting the entire "rainbow" of capabilities as listed on HTML5 Readiness from left to right and examining each one, from the spec to the browser reality.

HTML5 Parsing

Fittingly, the first item on HTML5 Readiness is HTML5 Parsing. At first, I have to admit, I wasn't sure what feature this was referencing. That is, in large part, because it represents a feature that is mostly transparent to the developer and yet hugely important to them. It turns out that HTML5 is the first HTML specification that explicitly defines rules for parsing HTML and creating the document tree, which should, in theory, help eliminate some of the difficulties of building sites that work consistently across various browser engines.

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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of July 16, 2012

Posted on Jul 23, 2012

A very busy week of tutorials and significant releases including new versions of jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap and a new multi-platform version of Enyo. Tutorials include a great look at the things you should know about JavaScript before jumping into frameworks by Justin Etheredge and a deconstruction of the Backbone source code by Alex Young (among many others of course). Enjoy!

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Newsletters for HTML, CSS and JavaScript Developers

Posted on Jul 18, 2012

If you are a developer using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, there are a lot of great resources out there. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to keep up with all of them. Obviously, I do my weekly roundup of posts here, but I also rely heavily on some great newsletters that get delivered to my inbox every week as well. These newsletters are an excellent means of keeping up with trends and new developments in these technologies. Plus, they are free! Here, in no particular order, are the ones I subscribe to. If there are others you'd recommend, please feel free to add them via the comments.

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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of July 9, 2012

Posted on Jul 16, 2012

If today's weekly update seems more packed than normal, that's in part because it actually covers the past two weeks (my apologies for missing last Monday but I was still away on vacation). There are a ton of articles and new projects that are definite must reads, so spend some time this afternoon catching up on any learnings and projects you may have missed.

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