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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of April 23, 2012

Posted on Apr 30, 2012

This was a really busy week with quite a few new libraries, a number of good tutorials on a wide variety of topics and even some excellent interviews and discussions. This really was a week overflowing with top-notch content. The bad news is that you have a lot of reading to catch up on. The good news is that it is all worthwhile and you’ll learn a ton. So get reading.

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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of April 16, 2012

Posted on Apr 23, 2012

By usual standards, this was kind of a light week. There were tons of posts but many people seemed focused on the great semicolon debate of 2012. At this point the number of time and words devoted to a single punctuation mark is rather astonishing. Nonetheless, there were still some great posts this week such as Mike Robinson's HTML5 semantics discussion and Tom Giannattasio showing how the Beercamp pop-up book site was built using CSS.

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Interview with Denise Jacobs on CSS3, RWD and more.

Posted on Apr 19, 2012

My second, and possibly final due to a lack time, interview with a speaker at next week’s FITC Toronto is Denise Jacobs. Denise is presenting “How to be a Super CSS Detective” which covers advanced CSS and problem solving techniques for debugging CSS issues. Denise is a well-known author and speaker, having published books on web design and CSS for Peachpit. You can follow Denise via her blog or via Twitter.

While I have generally not been focused on design and layout in my career, I have done enough here and there to have admiration for those who are skilled at design and layout. It is an area that, like many others, continues to get more complex. Denise and I discuss what can make CSS complex and how things like RWD are impacting the work of designers. As a reminder, it is not too late to register for FITC in Toronto.

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Determining the Language of Text Using JavaScript and cld.js

Posted on Apr 17, 2012

Recently I heard about the release of a library called cld-js that, while having a limited scope, implemented something that seemed rather complex in pure JavaScript. The library is a port of the Compact Language Detector from Chromium whose purpose is to determine the language of any given piece of text and was ported using emscripten. I thought the concept sounded interesting and, while the uses may not be widespread, there are a number interesting ideas one could imagine using a library like this. In this post, I will cover a little demo I wrote using cld-js that tries to filter a list of tweets from a Twitter search according to their language.

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Best of JavaScript, HTML5 & CSS3 - Week of April 9, 2012

Posted on Apr 16, 2012

A lot of new libraries and general JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 tutorials this week (fewer framework specific tutorials than typical). Sorry for the slightly late posting but I am in Denver at the 360Flex conference - which may have led me to miss a few posts which I will include next week. If you happen to be at the conference, look me up.

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