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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 12/16/2011

Posted on Dec 16, 2011

The year is almost over and, if you are like me, you are already getting ready to go on holiday. Nonetheless, the community keeps pumping out new and great tutorials and projects. I did take a moment yesterday to call out some of the best Flex community bloggers of 2011 and hope to do the same for Flash next week. On another note, it occurred to me over the past week's that there was enough new material from the community purely focused on Stage3D in Flash Player to warrant its own section. So, this week features that section with a number of new tutorials and open-source library/framework releases related to Stage3D.

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Best Flex Community Bloggers of 2011

Posted on Dec 15, 2011

Admittedly, this has been a rollercoaster year for Flex. However, as has been very evident this week, Flex has a very strong community filled with individuals who share their time and effort to help other developers such as themselves. I want to recognize some of these today by choosing my personal top bloggers of the year from the Flex community. I know there are many of you who contributed and I wish I could thank all of you individually, but these nine individuals I think deserve some special recognition for their work this year. Here's to a bright, and community-led, 2012.

To be clear, I am including only community bloggers, not evangelists or employees of Adobe. Second, none of these bloggers blog exclusively on Flex but they did blog about Flex or Flex related topics such as Flash Builder, Flash Catalyst and AIR over the course of the year. Lastly, yes, I do hope to do another one of these posts focused on Flash hopefully next week.

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Namespacing in JavaScript

Posted on Dec 14, 2011

One of the difficult things when transitioning from a traditional class-based, object-oriented compiled language like ActionScript or Java to JavaScript is that practices that were completely standard are now a matter of debate. Take for example namespacing. In ActionScript it would be completely ordinary and accepted to have a class such as com.rinaldi.portal.turret but in JavaScript, while that is technically possible, it is also both atypical and, apparently, not recommended. However, namespacing is especially important in JavaScript as the dynamic nature of the language and the lack of a compiler can easily lead to collisions. Nonetheless, there are multiple approaches to namespacing in JavaScript and, from what I could gather,no universally accepted standard. In this article, I will discuss what I have learned so far in terms of namespacing approaches and how to avoid variable and functon collisions.

As in my first article on prototype inheritence, remember that I make no claim on being a JavaScript guru. In fact, if you are a JavaScript guru, I’d love to hear feedback to clear up any misconceptions I may have. I am just sharing what I am learning as I go along.

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 12/9/2011

Posted on Dec 09, 2011

This was another week that was heavy on blog posts focused on Stage3D and AIR native extensions for the desktop. There were also a number of new open source projects or demos across the Flash platform including for mobile development and for ColdFusion.

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Understanding Prototype-based Inheritance in JavaScript

Posted on Dec 05, 2011

Recently I started on a quest to learn JavaScript, and I mean really learn JavaScript. Sure, for many years I have hacked around in JavaScript. I even did a good deal of work with jQuery in my past (in fact, some of my most trafficked posts to this day are jQuery posts from a few years back). However, this time I wanted to approach it from the standpoint of actually understanding the language rather than just hacking together some cool DOM manipulation. In doing so, I found my first mental block was trying to understand the concept of prototype-based inheritance that JavaScript uses and, following on that, getting a grip on the dynamic nature of the language.

This will hopefully be the first in a series of posts where I share my experiences trying to learn serious programming in JavaScript. Keep in mind that I make no claim on being a JavaScript guru. In fact, if any JavaScript gurus read this, I’d love to hear feedback to clear up any misconceptions I may have. I also will try to provide comparison examples, which will be generally in ActionScript since it’s what I know. Hopefully sharing my experiences will help any of you who may be taking a similar journey.

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