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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 2/14/2012

Posted on Feb 14, 2012

OMFG! That is all I can say. I leave for a couple weeks, to attend the HTML5 Summit in Miami and a department offsite in San Jose, only to return to an enormous backlog of awesome posts from the Flash community. First off, the innovation happening in Stage3D only seems to be accelerating lately as people become more comfortable with the tools it provides. Second, there seems to be a ton of interest in working with AIR and Microsoft Kinect, with multiple ANE solutions and some impressive demos. Lastly, there are a growing number of Stage3D frameworks, to the point that I decided in this issue to group posts by their framework topic. If anyone tries to tell you the Flash community is fading, just point them here. Enjoy!

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ColdFusion Open Source Update Says Goodbye

Posted on Nov 22, 2010

It wasn't supposed to happen this way. I had been gathering all the posts to do another ColdFusion open source update, and even though I had warned that this series was soon coming to an end, I hadn't planned on it occurring just yet. Unfortunately, circumstances got in the way. Mostly I was so caught up with planning and executing RIA Unleashed that the list of posts kept piling up for the last few weeks until I finally realized that the open source update had indeed already ended.

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ColdFusion Open-Source Update - October 15, 2010

Posted on Oct 15, 2010

Two new projects and three updates this week in ColdFusion open source. It was actually a light week - so either a) you all felt sorry for me after I said these posts were soon coming to an end; b) I missed a ton because Adobe Feeds was down for a few days; c) many of the authors are trying desperately to get their MAX sessions and Unconference presentations written of d) people actually have lives and took a much needed break from writing open source.

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ColdFusion Open Source Update - October 5, 2010

Posted on Oct 05, 2010

Five new projects and nine updates this week in ColdFusion open-source. I have to admit something kind of sad (and no, its not about the Dolphins...that’s pathetic not sad). This series of posts is likely coming to a close soon after its multi-year run (not sure, but I think its been almost 4 years if not a full 4). Not this week and I am not really sure when exactly but all I know is that I am worn out of writing them and would like to have time to write other stuff (these are very time consuming). Honestly, it struck me the other day too when I realized they were no longer even as widely read as they once were (they used to be my most popular posts by far but now don’t seem to get nearly as much traffic). That means the effort, which has been growing due to a more projects and my tools for writing this post failing me, is for fewer and fewer people... Anyway, I’m not sure why I am pre-warning folks about this, but it was on my mind. Here’s this week’s update.

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Coldfusion Open Source Update - September 22, 2010

Posted on Sep 22, 2010

Six new projects and ten updates this week (plus) in ColdFusion open source. I just wanted to take a moment and remind my readers of the RIA Unleashed conference I am running in Boston this November. I have been fairly open to mailing lists and such that registrations are running well behind prior years and think it needs further emphasis. Events like these don't survive without your support (we in the ColdFusion community know this well) and especially those run at such a low cost to attendees. The East Coast of the US is particularly in jeopardy of being devoid of conferences for the Adobe developer community next year and definitely devoid of ColdFusion content. So, community, I ask you that if you want events like this to continue - you need to show up. Ok...end rant for the moment...sorry, just a little stressed, back to ColdFusion open source and the close to 40 posts in this week's update.

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