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360Flex is Much More Than Apache Flex!

Posted on Mar 20, 2012

Apache Flex360Flex has always been the very best conference for Flex developers. Now that Adobe Flex is open-source Apache Flex, that has not changed - 360Flex is still the best conference for getting up to speed with the Flex community. In fact, with a keynote by Adobe and one by Spoon, this will be a great place to help you understand how the recent changes affect you and your company. So, if you do Flex, now is probably a more important time than ever to attend a conference like this.

However, 360Flex this year is about much more than just Flex. There are sessions on cross-platform mobile development with PhoneGap, visualizations using web standards, frameworks like Sencha, learning HTML5 and JavaScript and general development. In fact, I am presenting one of these topics, focused on helping to make sense of the multitude of JavaScript frameworks out there.

Just check the schedule as I am sure you will find plenty worth the very reasonable cost of attendance. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 2/14/2012

Posted on Feb 14, 2012

OMFG! That is all I can say. I leave for a couple weeks, to attend the HTML5 Summit in Miami and a department offsite in San Jose, only to return to an enormous backlog of awesome posts from the Flash community. First off, the innovation happening in Stage3D only seems to be accelerating lately as people become more comfortable with the tools it provides. Second, there seems to be a ton of interest in working with AIR and Microsoft Kinect, with multiple ANE solutions and some impressive demos. Lastly, there are a growing number of Stage3D frameworks, to the point that I decided in this issue to group posts by their framework topic. If anyone tries to tell you the Flash community is fading, just point them here. Enjoy!

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 1/27/2012

Posted on Jan 27, 2012

A busy week (or so) of posts. The hot topic lately seems to be not just Stage3 but specifically 2D game development using Stage3D. Each week seems to bring upates to new or existing game engines and frameworks for 2D game development as well as tutorials on the topic. This week is no exception.

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 1/17/2012

Posted on Jan 17, 2012

Some really interesting posts this week including a lot of Stage3D including a free Starling book, new Stage3D powered site for the Grammys, new Stage3D games and more. Also, several posts covering mobile performance and a new in-app purchase native extension for iOS.

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Cool Stuff with the Flash Platform - 1/9/2012

Posted on Jan 09, 2012

This is the first update of the new year and there are a ton of sample applications, tutorials and announcements over the past few weeks. Once again there is continued interest and releases in Stage3D and continued innovation using AIR native extensions on the desktop. There was also a lot of activity regarding the new Apache Flex project including a very busy mailing list which shows a high level of continued community interest in the platform.

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